Re: Australian Assistance Needed

Gary DeBock

<<<   I listened to that recording multiple times and the signal is to low down for my ears. I was able to pick out a couple of words but unfortunately no clue as to who it was or an id. I heard 4KZ in Poipu on 531 so it could have been that, or 2PM.   >>>

Thanks again for listening, Chris.

On that Oregon cliff it's tough to get much signal strength from the Australian stations on 531, although the Kiwi stations (531-More FM and 531-PI) usually hit S9 peaks every morning. By some quirk of propagation, the transoceanic signal boost on the Kiwi stations (and 558-Fiji) at the Rockwork cliff is usually stronger than any reception I've had in Poipu, Hawaii. The Oz and Kiwi reception is far more balanced in Hawaii, and not freakishly twisted toward New Zealand, like on the Oregon cliff.

My Rockwork DXpedition partner Tom Rothlisberger and I have discussed a Hawaii DXpedition later this year, but it depends on how the Pandemic shakes out. Both Hawaii and the Cook Islands are desperate for tourists, I understand. Stay safe!

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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