Australian Assistance Needed

Gary DeBock

These two 531 kHz recordings were made during the Rockwork ocean cliff DXpedition on the Oregon coast last month, and both feature an Australian call-in talk station alone on the frequency. I'm pretty sure these are fromĀ  2PM in Kempsey (part of the "Super Network"), but the usual parallel station to confirm this on Ultralight radios (639-2HC) was MIA during the entire trip.

The first recording was at 1314 UTC on August 8th (late Saturday night in eastern Australia)

The second recording was at 1246 UTC on August 10th (late Monday night in eastern Australia)

Any comments concerning the format and/ or host voices would be appreciated-- thanks!

Gary DeBock
(DXing at the Rockwork ocean cliff from August 5-13 with Tom Rothlisberger)

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