Re: Review - Digitech AR-1780 Multi-band Radio Receiver - battery choice

Paul S. in CT

Wow, over 20 replies... I'd like to chime in, now that a few things are brought to the front.
1.) Some Chinese battery lables are in mWhr, not mAhr. Thus the claim of "9900 mA hr" when divided by the 3.7V battery specification is about 2700mA hr.
2.) I will agree to the opinion that there are "genuine" batteries, because there are "knock-offs" of dubious, if not poor quality disguised as high quality.
3.) Even the "genuine" batteries are a little over-rated. Subtract 300mA hr from the claim as a general rule.
So, if the battery is 3000mAhr, figure it as 2700 mAhr, and divide by 60ma... this means 45 hrs, and at 100ma its 27 hrs. Thats what I would expect of a Genuine battery.

Therefore, I submit the following point #4... TOSS the supplied battery and get a "genuine" one. Also one final point #5... buy a reputable charger NiteCore or LiIto Kala. DO NOT use the radio to charge the battery.

Now having said all this I snoop around candlepowerforums dot com, and post a link to quality measurements at
that goes through MANY manufaturers over the last 8 years. This is a good heads-up IMHO and worth the time. One can also check different sized batteries such as the newer 26650 or 21700 sizes. Those of us that like to tinker, might hard-wire a different size battery at the cost of a battery door.

At the extreme, test the radio with 2 AA cells as 3 volts. If the radio works, it will probably cut-off at 2.5 Volts (the usual cutoff for Li-Ion batteries). So, no harm there. If true, a safer LiFePO4 (lithium-Iron-Phosphate or IFR type) battery can substitute and there are some REALLY GOOD ones, again at the expense of the battery door.

Regards and stay safe
Paul S. in CT FN31nl

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