Re: 18650 battery test in Xhdata D-808 radio

Kenny Murray

I avoided using the 18650's because the radio i choose was the tecsunpl365 and uses aa batteries. i use 3 aa duracell 2500mah batteries.. no complaints with anything...

having said this.. research with rc models.. portable radios. ect..

avoid the belief of over ratings of many products such as 18650 batteries.

what is good is this.. the ones from LG and the pnes from panasonic..

simple place to get them.. go to a smoke shop.. they sell them to use in smoking vaporizors.

i have a countycom gp5ssb.. i use aa batteries.. as duracell.. nimh

* i was previous use many batteries of energizer.. and i sopped doing so.. they are not good batteries any more and warranty for such products is very poor.. i used 8 in an avation radio.. cycled maby 12 times over 4 years.. occasional standby usage.. there was defects in 2 of the batteries.. two sets of 4.. a cost of 50$.. energizer offered 5$ coupon. waste of time..

ask anyone who has a vape unit.. what is the best battery..

thats your answer for your radio.. rc toy.. laptop rebuild. HT radio pack..

they will tell you LG and panasonic.. as for the specific brand.. they have the battery in the sales at the smoke store.. the one that sells vape items..

it is a vape battery you want.. it is the same as your radio..

best wishes..

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On Sunday, August 2, 2020, 9:37:37 AM ADT, radiojayallen <radiojayallen@...> wrote:

I've been interested in reading about people's varying experiences with battery life on this radio. Since I had never noticed a problem with battery life on my XHDATA D-808 with its original battery compared with other rechargeable radios (although it is one of many radios I regularly use in rotation so it's hard to judge), I am running an informal real-world test.

I charged the radio, then started using it for two hours a day on AM at medium volume with the light off. So far I have completed two weeks (14 days) which would amount to approximately 28 hours and although the battery meter initially drops rapidly it is still showing 2 bars. I will report total hours when it finally shuts off, but it seems clear that people are having vastly different results. Of course if I were playing it more loudly it would have certainly been depleted by now so there is a bit of subjectivity to this. But at least compared to other radios with internal rechargeable batteries the D-808 with it stock battery seems fine.



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