Re: 18650 battery test in Xhdata D-808 radio


I've been interested in reading about people's varying experiences with battery life on this radio. Since I had never noticed a problem with battery life on my XHDATA D-808 with its original battery compared with other rechargeable radios (although it is one of many radios I regularly use in rotation so it's hard to judge), I am running an informal real-world test.

I charged the radio, then started using it for two hours a day on AM at medium volume with the light off. So far I have completed two weeks (14 days) which would amount to approximately 28 hours and although the battery meter initially drops rapidly it is still showing 2 bars. I will report total hours when it finally shuts off, but it seems clear that people are having vastly different results. Of course if I were playing it more loudly it would have certainly been depleted by now so there is a bit of subjectivity to this. But at least compared to other radios with internal rechargeable batteries the D-808 with it stock battery seems fine.



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