Recent approved ultralight DX radio list; proposing Eton Elite Mini

J.P. Tuttle

Is there a recent list of approved ultralight DX radios available?  I couldn't find one in the Files section, but I might have missed it.
Also, if it isn't approved already, may I propose the Eton Elite Mini?  I've listed the criteria and specs for it below.  The spec sheet from Eton, with a photo and specifications, is available here:
1. It is a simple shirt pocket-sized radio of not more than approximately 20 cubic inches.
According to the dimensions on the spec sheet, the volume is 5.4567 cubic inches (4.3 * 2.7 * 0.47).
2. It is an entertainment-grade radio, as opposed to enthusiast's radio. As such, it will usually not have AM synchronous detection, SSB clarification or other specialized features.
It doesn't have either of those features, and the marketing copy on seems to imply that it's entertainment-grade:
"The compact Etón Mini radio lets you tune in to your favorite local stations or listen to news and music from across the globe with an internal AM antenna and a telescoping FM/SW antenna."
3. It is readily available to the hobby in new or used markets at the time of its approval.
The Eton Elite Mini is available new at Eton's website, Universal Radio, Amazon, etc.
4. It costs no more than $100 retail at the time of approval.
The Eton Elite Mini costs $30.
5. It is primarily a radio. While it may have other features as well (MP3 recorder, etc.), the design and function should have radio reception as its focus.
The only extra feature is the alarm.
6. It is not a "novelty radio" such as Coca Cola Can radio, Mr. Potato Head, etc.
The Eton Elite Mini is not a novelty radio.
Thank you,
-- J.P., KB1TIC

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