Re: Review - Digitech AR-1780 Multi-band Radio Receiver - battery choice

Rémy Friess

I think this must be the reason different owners are seeing such a range of battery life  results from these very low priced radios; the supplied battery quality is highly variable.

It's not just the batteries supplied with the radios. It's any battery you can buy, an expensive one or a cheap one, a "genuine" battery or one with a fancy brand name.

Mine was fully discharged after 2 ½ hours, backlight off. The Panasonic battery I purchased after that was hardly better, 3 ½ hours.

The cheap Chinese substitute has been working for about 19 hours now (not continuously though) and the indicator still shows 3 bars. It may not be able to supply the 9900 mAh it claims but it is a whole lot better than the one that came with the receiver, that's for sure.


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