Re: Review - Digitech AR-1780 Multi-band Radio Receiver - battery choice


1 From what I can see on the web the highest capacity 18650 battery available is ~3500mAh, AFAIK there are no genuine 9900 or 15000 products (despite what the label might say)
2 Comparing the XHDATA (assuming supplied 2000mAh cell) with the Digitech (assuming 1900mAh NiMH cells) for design battery capacity in mWh:
XHDATA 1x18650: 1x2000x3.7 = 7400mWh, Digitech 4xAA NiMH: 4x1900x1.2 = 9120mWh. So there is a bit more ultimate energy in the Digitech design but a real world higher capacity 18650 replacement cell (e.g. Panasonic NCR18650B, 3350mAh) in the XHDATA would reverse the rating.
Reviewers have noted that the XHDATA battery level indicator is very non-linear and initially indicates an erroneously fast discharge, I have found that behaviour in my sample as well.
Personally my choice would be the XHDATA/18650 design because: lighter and lower volume battery required (despite which the Digitech is smaller, go figure); charging using standard mini B USB connector (Digitech uses a coax plug).

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