Re: How best to inexpensively clean degraded variable caps?

Gord Seifert

   I will (eventually) put a large two section variable cap, with three to one gear drive, in my ultrasonic cleaner and see what happens. It was new old stock, so it isn't decades old and covered with nicotine and such, but it has been sorely mistreated, having been damaged in a tip over of a box loop. That required many hours of careful 'forming' to eliminate contact between plates and equalize the spacing. It works fine now. I want to try it in an FSL once my ferrite rods and Litz wire get here. Then I will subject it to ultrasonic cleaning and see if I can notice any difference afterwards. I don't expect to be able to notice any difference at all, but I am willing to be surprized.

   BTW, I found 50 meters of 200/46 Litz for only $28 US with free shipping. Nice for an inexpensive  3 or 4 foot air core loop to compare to the FSL.


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