Re: Oren Elliot latest "0219" series variable cap?

Gord Seifert

    Thanks again Gary,

    Those 140mm rods look great! Don't know how I missed them. Ordered 40 of them this morning. They cost only about $32 Canadian more than 30 of the 125mm rods I was considering would have. If I decide to go with the 1162 strand Litz wire, with 60 feet of it, and 40 ferrite rods, I should be able to build something somewhat larger than the 3 inch, 28 rod, 'Baby' FSL. Waste not, want not. And it will, no doubt, work better.

   Will likely order one of those caps from Mike's, but I have a brute of a dual section with about 440 in one section and 500 in the other and a three to one geared drive. Will see how that works to start.

   Thanks for the history lesson too!


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