Re: Oren Elliot latest "0219" series variable cap?

Gord Seifert

    Hi Gary,

     I just looked on Mike's site and can not find a part with any reference to Oren Elliot. I do see this..   But, the price is SO much less than on the Oren Elliot site that I can hardly believe it is the same. No problem with Mike's price, but no way am I paying well over twice as much to Oren Elliot. And, in the photo, the one on Mike's does not look anywhere near as pretty. Is the Oren Elliot version really that beautiful, or is that simply a computer generated image?

   Also, I have been looking for ferrite rods. I came up with this:   Looks to be the same material you use (same seller too) but is considerably shorter at 125mm. Also MUCH less expensive. Would this work reasonably well for someone who does not need the absolute nth degree in performance? The 10mm x 200mm version is completely out of the question due to price.

 One other question. Did you actually test the various different ferrite mixes for suitability while designing you FSLs? Or is it just a basic, known, fact that, for this frequency range, NiZn 400 permiability works best for this application?


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