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I looked up DeOxit D5 from Amazon UK. Almost £30.00 for 142ml. This side of the pond we pay around £10.00 for 400ml of contact cleaner, with several good brands to choose from, excluding WD40, which I class as for mechanical use only! I guess your D5 is more of a pro product. This piqued my curiosity as last year I purchased three 500+500pf airspace variables with reduction drives, described as new old stock. That’s what I got wrapped in layers of tissue. A squirt of air duster took care of disintegrating tissue but you’ve made me think about hitting them with some isopropyl. Next time I find myself looking at them again!


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Gary and Steve,

I had noticed a difference in older vs newer Oren caps also, although I saw no physical difference between them. I tried something on the 'older' ones that seems to work to freshen them up. I have used DeOxit D5 and/or 91-99% alcohol on them to clean the blades, keeping away from the bearings and gearing. That seems to perk them up also. So maybe it is plain old corrosion from bad city air, causing a problem, rather than a new manufacturing technique. I have always used canned air to dry them off after a treatment, as a finishing touch. You might try one or both treatments on one of your old caps to see if that helps. I'd be interested to hear if my improvement method is real or imaginary. Ha!


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