Re: FSL coil Q of 1162/46 and 660/46 Litz compared using HP4342A Q meter

Steve Ratzlaff

I just checked with Mike at and he says his current caps are the latest version "0219" so I just ordered one to try.

Thanks for this info, Gary.



On 7/5/2020 11:05 PM, Gary DeBock via wrote:
Hi Steve,
To make matters even more interesting, Oren Elliott seems to have recently improved his manufacturing process in the later "N50 384P" variable caps, so that the N50 384P caps with a "0219" series number are clearly superior to those with a "0217" series number. I don't know if he has been improving the dielectric, rotor or stator, but these newest variable caps are extremely sharp performers-- to the extent that every FSL antenna heading for the Rockwork Cliff this summer will have one of the latest variable cap upgrades.


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