Re: Oren Elliot latest "0219" series variable cap?

Steve Ratzlaff

Hi Gary,

Where are you obtaining the latest 0219 variable caps--from the manufacturer or from Mike's Electronics? This is certainly a very interesting finding.



On 7/5/2020 11:05 PM, Gary DeBock via wrote:

To make matters even more interesting, Oren Elliott seems to have recently improved his manufacturing process in the later "N50 384P" variable caps, so that the N50 384P caps with a "0219" series number are clearly superior to those with a "0217" series number. I don't know if he has been improving the dielectric, rotor or stator, but these newest variable caps are extremely sharp performers-- to the extent that every FSL antenna heading for the Rockwork Cliff this summer will have one of the latest variable cap upgrades. With Hawaii and all overseas travel temporarily scratched out because of the Pandemic, the Rockwork cliff should be a dream DXing venue for both Tom R. and yours truly, who both broke our records for South Pacific NDB-DX last August. Tom told me that he's still uncovering new South Pacific NDB-DX from that trip, in addition to his record-breaking haul already posted.


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