Re: Demo of my newly constructed 3.5" FSL

Gary DeBock

<<<   Here's a quick demo of my newly constructed 3.5" FSL. Reception is of the clear channel 50K watt station CFZM in Toronto under poor conditions.
FSL Antenna Demo with Tecsun PL-660This FSL uses 140mm x 8mm rods from a different source since sufficient quantity weren't available from the eBay seller.   >>>

Awesome job, Chuck. You obviously aced the 3.5" FSL construction project, and I'm honored to have provided the plans!

By the way, that size of FSL antenna is ideal as a travelling DX companion, either on the road, or as a TSA-friendly overseas DXing antenna (once the Pandemic is over). Craig Barnes from Colorado has used a similar model to track down tons of TP-DX on ocean beaches here in Washington state, along with his PL-380.

There have been a couple of minor improvements made in that model since the construction plans were published, which I'll share with anyone interested (related to stopping unwanted ferrite sleeve rotation, and stopping the ferrite rods from sliding horizontally back and forth during travel).

Congratulations again on your success, and good luck tracking down lots of DX!

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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