Re: Demo of my newly constructed 3.5" FSL

Paul Blundell

On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 2:32 PM Chuck <cgafvert@...> wrote:
Here's a quick demo of my newly constructed 3.5" FSL. Reception is of the clear channel 50K watt station CFZM in Toronto under poor conditions.
FSL Antenna Demo with Tecsun PL-660

This FSL uses 140mm x 8mm rods from a different source since sufficient quantity weren't available from the eBay seller.

My experimentation showed that the recommended 27 full turns of the 1162/46 Litz wire were optimum for this unit.
My only other modifications were a plastic base to help secure the variable capacitor to the frame and use of a cut up plastic water bottle to form a stable shell for the loop windings.

The next test is to get out of the electrically noisy Washington DC area and try the FSL at a local mountain called Mt Weather. My immediate goal is to log US clear channel stations as far west as possible, such as KOA in Denver and perhaps even KFI in Los Angeles.

Again, a big thank you to Gary for the well documented plans.

Chuck Gafvert
Herndon, VA


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