Re: Reception report and 1566kHz 3NE anomalies


Hi Dan,

I mostly use the Sangean PR-D3 portable radio for its above average audio fidelity. It is the Australian equivalent of the C. Crane CCRadio-2E. The PR-D3 features 6 and 3 KHz switchable bandwidth.

The antenna is a 65 cm (26.5 inch) diameter PK loop mounted on the kitchen bench top. This is manufactured upon request by PK Antennas, Melbourne.

Geographic location (Sydney) may be the main contributor for me receiving 1575 KHz VOA Thailand, and Otago Access Radio Dunedin, NZ. Indeed there are times when it is easy to receive these stations using just the PR-D3 radio. But the loop makes the signal louder.

The 40 inch PVC box loop enables stronger signal reception compared to the 26.5 inch PK loop, but not always better signal-to-noise ratio. Some rooms in my house are RF quieter than others. The 40 inch loop is likely the general equivalent of a 5 inch FSL. Hence, there are various antenna and radio combinations that would adequately receive 1575 KHz VOA Thailand, and Otago Access Radio Dunedin, NZ at my location.

918 KHz Cambodia sometimes just fades over 4VL Charleville, QLD. This is a case of signal propagation being the main contributor.

610 KHz Vietnam produces a loud 2 KHz het when tuned to 612 KHz 4QR Brisbane. 



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