Re: Reception report and 1566kHz 3NE anomalies


Hi Gary and Dan,

I receive noon residual noon MW skywave from distances as short as 27 miles (44 km), for example 1692 KHz Radio Symban, Wedderburn. I can mainly hear 1575 KHz Wollongong at 50 miles via high angle skip during the day, but late evenings can only receive 1575 VOA Thailand, and Dunedin, NZ. The combination of high angle of incidence, and high radio frequency (e.g. 1575 KHz) is what it takes to penetrate the daytime D layer.

1566 KHz 3NE gets out better than expected. The station would be certainly surprised to learn that it reaches the Cook Islands.

1566 KHz 3NE is received into Melbourne via noon residual skywave. But there also days where there is no skywave. Peak D layer depletion is centered around the Winter Solstice (June 21).


Sydney, AU

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