Re: Reception report and 1566kHz 3NE anomalies

Dan Merta

Hi Gary and Todd. 

Thanks for the feedback. I find that 3NE does this into Melbourne all year round. But I'm finding the information about  residual E layer skywave most informative. I will try for the other stations you have suggested Todd, with the aid of a loop antenna. 1314kHz has a semi local station 3BT Ballarat at 5k. I will try for the others. 1467kHz 3ML (River 1467) comes into Melb very well at night. Much stronger than 3SH 1332kHz.
Gary it's a pity you had to listen to Australia Overnight I wouldn't wish that on anyone lol. Unfortunately the Aust stations have been a pain for MW dx since 1987 when they began to broadcast 24/7. So they will block many possible catches in that region.   
The Chinese high powered MW stations are easy catches at this time of year, mainly CRN 5 on 837kHz, and CRN 6 on 684kHz and 909kHz. I can hear these even in high RF interference locations without the aid of a loop. 
Regards. Dan. 


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