Reception report and 1566kHz 3NE anomalies

Dan Merta

Yesterday I went for a walk on Sandringham beach to Red Bluff on Port Phillip Bay in Sth East Melbourne VIC at around 1.00pm 
Whilst walking I had the radio (Digitech AR-1780) tuned to 1566 3NE Located in Wangaratta VIC which was fading randomly in and out from 0db up to 20db in signal. Displaying all the traits of a skywave signal in the middle of the day. 
Tuning to 3RN on 756kHz in Wangaratta also, showed about 02 to 03db in signal with no fading. 
At Red Bluff I tried some other freq and heard a very faint carrier from 2QN Deniliquin on 1521kHz. About 01db
I'm unable to figure out why 1566kHz 3NE behaves in this way,  am wondering it it's due to location? The freq it's on? Transmitter power output? Or a combination of all of the above? 

Anybody who lives in the Melb metro area or in Sth East VIC could listen on 1566kHz and will most likely hear the same phenomenon. 

Radio used was a Digitech AR-1780.
Cheers. Dan. 

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