Is Tecsun DR-910 still a turkey?

dwight richardson

Back 8-9 years there are post about the Tecsun DR-910 being a turkey. They are listed new on eBay @ $19.99 with free shipping.  Have any of you learned radio sages played with these enough to know of  easy adjustments or mods to improve performance on MW?  There is also a DR-920C sited at $23.80?  Both digital analog. I don’ think either is PLL.  So is it worth the effort or would it be wise to pass them up because they are cheap for a reason?  Also, JIC anyone is interested, there is a listing for a pre-owned Tecsun PL-757.  This is the only one I have ever seen listed.  Non-US market?  Any potential in the 757s either. Thanks. 
Bob Richardson

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