Re: New Parts for FSL and Air Core PVC Loop Antennas


On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 02:24 PM, Gary DeBock wrote:
Unfortunately, since my  own FSL was constructed with the Russian surplus ferrite rods ordered from a seller in the Ukraine ("alexer1" on eBay), the coil turn information that I gave you may not apply to a an FSL constructed with Chinese rods. The number of coil turns is related to the permeability of the ferrite rods, and Chinese-made rods typically have significantly different permeability than either Russian surplus or Amidon ferrite rods. So you will probably need to fine tune your own antenna's FSL coil because of the Chinese-made ferrite rods. Sorry! 

If a DXer uses the exact same components that I did for my FSL antenna then he would be able to simply construct it in an
identical way, and probably come away with identical performance.
That makes sense and I totally understand that disclaimer.
The rods I obtained are rated with a permeability of 400, which I believe is the same as the Russian surplus units.
Unless there is some other characteristic to compare and differentiate them, my hope is the ones I got are electrically identical to yours.

Either way, I'll start with 27 turns and experiment a bit before permanently securing the winding. Thanks!


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