Re: New Parts for FSL and Air Core PVC Loop Antennas


Hello Gary and all,

First, a huge thank you to Gary and the community of people who worked on this body of knowledge. The FSL is exactly what I've been looking for to complement my Tecsun PL-660 utralight.

To follow on to Todd's question, I am gathering parts to construct the 3.5" Frequent Flyer FSL and have obtained 
27 140mm x 8mm ferrite rods (instead of the specified 160mm x 8mm)
45 feet of 1162/46 Litz wire (instead of the specified 35 feet)
1 higher Q 8:1 variable capacitor from Mike's Electronic Parts (instead of the specified 365mm variable cap)

I could imagine the unit will perform fairly well simply by substituting the variable cap and ferrite rods but are there any simple "rules of thumb" about the number of turns of wire for the circuit factoring in the 140mm rods and superior var cap? 
Or are these undefined, meaning I'll just need to experiment for myself to optimize performance?

If this has been covered before, I'd appreciate a pointer towards the earlier post.
Thanks so much for the help!


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