New Parts for FSL and Air Core PVC Loop Antennas


Hi Gary, and All.

Recently an Australian DXer constructed a 135 mm diameter MW FSL using forty one Jaycar LF1010 (9 x 100 mm) ferrite rods. These rods are more affordable than anything else available on Australian eBay [1].

Jaycar Electronics Australia also sell a larger (9 x 180 mm) ferrite rod [2].

In terms of optimal FSL signal gain and Q, what is the preferable ferrite rod size to use among the two Jaycar available options? Also, how are the number of Litz wire turns calculated to provide 520 to 1750 KHz coverage for a given number of rods? A new article would be instructive factoring in the more recently available rod dimensions, and improved lower resistance Litz wire.

When I built your 40" PVC tabletop box loop design using 9 turns of wire, I fortunately chose the higher Q 8:1 reduction drive variable capacitor from Mike's Electronic Parts [3].

Any thoughts on the theory behind why certain variable capacitors offer higher Q?






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