Re: Tecsun PL-310 vs PL-380

dwight richardson

Thanks Gary. I happened across your excellent discussion of ultralights a few weeks back. Reading again just now, I might have to rethink the Tecsun only agenda. Or have some fun finding an original 310 (non-et) on eBay and compare against the Skywave. Or just try them all. Runner ups might make nice gifts for my cronies. But the Traveller III might need more consideration. At any rate, I am reminded of the folly of trying to pick “the best” of anything. After all - beauty is in the eye. Thanks again. This group is great. I imagine myself as a rookie kid who has happened On to a good bunch of radio guys to learn from. At 66 I’m good with that. I might have something to offer one day. But for now I’m a sponge. 
Bob Richardson

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