Re: PL-606 sticky buns ...

Ron Layton

It seems I have made a great error. It was not my PL-600 but my venerable RS DX-440 which has the rubbery push buttons.that developed the gummy decomposition. I don't know if there is a membrane under the keyboard on the 660 but I have had my 600 apart and didn't see any membrane. The 600 has the same plastic keys as the 660. I believe there is a tiny amount of rubber membrane around the tiny push buttons themselves if its like most other radios and this could be the culprit. Perhaps it protects the internals of the buttons from dust? Who knows.....I think my DX-440 developed this because I kept it in a closet, unused, for many years and it got hot. All the old Sangean produced radios had a full rubber pad with the external push buttons in one piece. When these go bad it can be a real chore to clean them up. I passed on buying a mint ATS-803a because of this problem.

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