Re: PL-606 sticky buns ...

Peter Laws

On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 10:37 AM Ron Layton via
<> wrote:

My PL-600 developed a bad case of gummybearitis and the cure is hi proof isopropyl alcohol as given above. I'm fortunate to own a few gallons of 99.9% so cutting it down with the appropriate amount of distilled water saved the day. I think I ended up with about 91% or so. I wish I knew what causes the breakdown as I've experienced this with another radio and an electronic scale. Good luck with your repair.

I wasn't clear in my description. At all. It isn't that my fingers
stick to the keys (no rubber on the exterior, thankfully, metalized
plastic) it's that the keys themselves seems to not push well or
release well. I often have to really push to make the switch do its
thing. Is this a membrane underneath? I suppose I should take it
apart and see. :/

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