Re: Tecsun PL-310 vs PL-380

Gord Seifert

    I do love the preset tuning on the 310et! Press a button to get into VM mode and tune through them with the tuning knob. So much quicker and more intuitive than the banks (Pages) of seven presets each on the Eton Satellit Grundig Edition that need to be accessed individually using the Up and Down arrow keys to access the desired bank (after pressing the Page/Time button) and then one of seven function keys to chose the station within that bank. It does allow saving tons of stations, organized by band, or type of music, or whatever you choose. Still, I like the 310et's presets much more, for the simplicity and speed.

    But, I really dislike the 310et tuning in that it tunes VERY slowly (1 khz per notch) by default. When I want to tune at a more reasonable speed I have to spin the tuning knob way to fast to get it into fast tuning mode. Then it suddenly jumps into fast mode (5 khz per notch on SW and 10 on MW) and, since I am spinning the knob so quickly to get it into fast mode, it winds up far beyond where I wanted to be. Then, once I have it in the more reasonable fast mode, it falls back to slow mode far too quickly. The default should be 5 khz on SW and 10 khz on MW since that is the normal station spacing. Slow tuning should be an option under control of a switch. On the Eton the tuning speed is chosen by pressing the tuning knob in against a switch. Perfect!

    No complaints with reception with my 310et, other than an overactive AVC, but the tone is pretty poor.

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