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I love the "Tecsun way" of tuning - I love the ETM feature on the smaller models, which basically works like "Page 0" on the bigger ones.  Love that you can switch between dedicated VF/VM modes so you don't have to push a frequency button every time you enter a frequency.  I was really excited back when I got my 310ET to find that it had all that and for about $40.  Unfortunately it just isn't a great performer.  It's suitable for picking up strong locals so it's ok to take out to the driveway when I wash the car but I never use it for SWL or for nighttime MW DX.

I do so wish I could get a tiny radio with the Tecsun tuning and memory schemes combined with the performance of a Skywave SSB.  It's dreams like that which keep guys like me racking up a closet full of radios.

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I own three of the cheaper Tecsun DSP models – PL-310ET, PL-380 and PL-606.
I had the PL-606 for a while, good radio BUT, unless you are a fix frequency listener, changing frequency 'gets old' quickly.

I gave it to my mother. She has been tuning to the same station for 50+ years. Actually, it changed recently, when the station moved from AM to FM. I then gave her a Sangean PR-D5.  :^)

My memory is not what it used to be, but wasn't the PL310ET the 'victim' of some 'improvements' that negatively impacted its performance?

I still have the PL-390, but I'm not sure it meets the Ultralight standards. If it does, it's a very nice radio as well.


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