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Welcome to the group! Gary DeBock is our resident Ultralight guru. I suggest you check out his excellent article titled "Gary DeBock's 2015 Ultralight Radio Shootout Review" found on In later articles Gary also reviews the CCrane Skywave. I have all 3. I think the Skywave provides to most bang for the buck. Just my 2 cents worth.


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The 310 for AM is whip only. It has an external antenna jack for FM & SW ( same jack ). I have 4 of those which I used mostly for FM DX pre-SDR. I have no experience with  the 380.

Russ Edmunds


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I want a UL receiver with the SL chip and the Tecsuns get good reviews. But when I look at 310 vs 380 my untrained eye sees little difference. I remember seeing that the 310 did not have antenna jack. But is 310 whip am?  By now I have conflated the two receivers to the point they are identical to me. So bottom line for MW dxing, does either get the nod over the other.  To my consumer oriented thinking 380 must be better because it is 70 more than 310, right?  Please detect dry humor there.


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