dwight richardson

Have enjoyed reading posts from this knowledgeable group for the last few months.  I am not a Ham but I do enjoy MW Ultralight Dxing.  Started when I was a kid with a Silvertone 9 transistor and have been off and on since.  I'm 66 now.  I was greatly influenced by articles from Dr. Xin Feng a few years ago and have again picked up the ultralight interest as of late.  His praise of the Sonys was instrumental in my latest foray into ulr DXing. I previously had a Sony SRF-49 and a Sangean DT-110.  But have since purchased a Sony, SRF-29 and SRF-39 from eBay.  I am constantly amazed at the ability of these tiny receivers to routinely bring in some strong signals from 500- 1000 miles away.  Also, picked up a new Sangean DT-500W and Sangean DT-110 Clear on eBay for a steal.  Starting building some AM loops and have ordered supplies for a small ferrite bar antenna.  Great info in this groups current and former members. A big thanks to the entire group for the info and good all around cordial supportive atmosphere of this group.

The Sonys and Sangeans are still around on eBay!  Some still in the original packaging.  Some good used models for under $20 JIC anyone is interested.

Bob Richardson

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