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Thanks for that information Gary. I sure am a huge fan of my FSL and love reading about some of the history of this and those who helped make them possible.

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<<< The late great Graham Maynard produced some great antenna designs. I say the spiral loop antenna with q multiplier is the best ever MW loop.
But you can put the "spin theory" stuff in the same box as Peter Brock's "Energy Polariser"

Nice guys that lost the plot. >>>

Thanks Andy,

Graham and I shared quite a lot of communication regarding the introduction of his ferrite sleeve loop design in 2011, as well as several other technical projects. But his weird "electron spin theory" certainly didn't bring him any scientific acclaim. and actually caused quite a storm of ridicule and repudiation (not to mention accusations of plagiarism, for using materials bearing some resemblance to a decades-old design by Polydoroff).

In the Ultralight group three determined tinkerers (Steve Ratzlaff, Kevin Schanilec and yours truly) attempted to avoid the firestorm of technical controversy regarding FSL antennas, and concentrated on empirical experimentation to determine the most effective components and FSL design for maximum weak signal sensitivity. All three of us devoted serious resources to the effort, sharing tips with each other (although we didn't always agree on everything). Unfortunately for Graham, the technical ridicule over the "spin electron theory" hounded him continuously after his article, overshadowing what was actually a very brilliant antenna design breakthrough, and decades of innovative antenna experimentation. Sadly, Graham passed away about 3 years after the introduction of his "Ferrite Sleeve" article, before I had the chance to meet him in person, and personally thank him for a design breakthrough which made a huge difference in my own hobby satisfaction.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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