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keith beesley

Thanks, gentlemen, good info. 

Keith Beesley
Seattle WA

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Good quick read, Paul.

Not quite ultralight as i have a desktop scanner programmed but -
Depending upon where you reside, the airbands can be tough to monitor. i am fortunate to have two commercial airports (LAX and LGB) and 3 municipal airports around me. I tend to scan the Unicom and Multicom frequencies where i mostly hear the local police (LAPD and LA Sheriff's helicopters), LA Fire, Coast Guard, and the local news helicopters (122.025, 122.050MHz) as well as small aircraft as they announce their positions and intentions under VFR rules. In addition i hear the warbirds flying in formation using the "Air CB" frequency of 123.45MHz. The airbands are a lot quieter nowadays with commercial air traffic at an all-time low. In addition to airbands, i have Marine channels 9, 13, 16, 21, 22 programmed in to monitor Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Operations and local Coast Guard activity. These frequencies are also a lot quieter given the current zombie apocalypse we are enduring.

i do have a handheld scanner that i drive around with also programmed for airband frequencies and have been screened through the terminal area with a Grundig G6 or scanner already tuned to air frequencies. in addition, i have yet to have problems carrying a radio with T/R or R/O capabilities in my frequent US travels. These are my experiences with the usual disclaimer - YMMV.


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As some ultralight radios also cover the VHF Airband, I have published a guide on this.
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