Re: AM radio that use a chip for the receive circuitry

Kenny Murray

yes there are  sites that have this and often compare the radios..

simply put tho.. the new silicon labs chip does a good job.. in some general items

and also

a good preformer is the countycomm gp5ssb  whis is the same as the tecsun pl365

other makes are such as the kaito it has a larger ferrite

most folks can tell you the tecsun newer radios are best price preformance

i have the gp5ssb and live in the city in a brick structure and a lot of concrete.. works well for me and runs for days from batteries

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On Saturday, April 4, 2020, 9:15:23 AM ADT, lamontcranston17 <nojunk@...> wrote:

  I'm following a thread on a group with an argument about whether new AM radios are now mostly designed with a chip
for the radio receive circuitry.
  Does anyone have a website with either a list of radios using specific chips for the receive circuitry
or a list of the chips used for receive circuitry?

                                        Thanks Mikek

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