Re: AM radio that use a chip for the receive circuitry

Andy ZL3AG

Hi Ray,

I can't find my notes right now to give you speficis, but be aware that many of the chips shipping from china are old versions, and many of the breakout boards and modules don't bring all of the chip leads out so you can't always make use of all the features of the installed chip.

So to avoid disappointment, you need to look at close up photos of the items to try to figure out which one would be best for the job.


On 9/04/20 12:43 pm, Phillips wrote:
Hi All,
I would like to try my hand at using a MCU such as an Arduino to control a Si4735.
Si4735's are available on eBay Australia 5 for $US7.14 ($AU11.55), but they are SSOP packages.
My old eyes and shaky hands can't handle SMD's even with magnifying lenses.
Does anyone know if/where I can get Si4735's in a through hole package or on a breakout board?
Stay safe folks,

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