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Hi All,

I would like to try my hand at using a MCU such as an Arduino to control a Si4735. 

Si4735's are available on eBay Australia 5 for $US7.14 ($AU11.55), but they are SSOP packages. 

My old eyes and shaky hands can't handle SMD's even with magnifying lenses.

Does anyone know if/where I can get Si4735's in a through hole package or on a breakout board?

Stay safe folks,


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If you are in DIY RF and Arduino, you may look at this project:

There's a list of receivers using the SiLabs Si4735.

Si4735 is a formidable chip, it peaks the ferrite antenna automatically in LW and MW, provides 4 or 5 different AM bandwidths,  has a very competent FM receiver with RDS and can even load a new firmware live to provide SSB demodulation.

On Sat, Apr 4, 2020, 9:15 AM lamontcranston17 <nojunk@...> wrote:
   I'm following a thread on a group with an argument about whether new AM radios are now mostly designed with a chip
for the radio receive circuitry.
  Does anyone have a website with either a list of radios using specific chips for the receive circuitry
or a list of the chips used for receive circuitry?

                                        Thanks Mikek

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