Re: AM radio that use a chip for the receive circuitry

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Hi Lamont,

I have just ordered 10 x 500pf varicaps via to use in (I hope!) a varicap tuned indoor frame loop. They only cost 1GBP from China, of course. There were many other vendors offering similar prices, and I don't mind the wait. It gives me time to sort out a variable PSU and work out the mechanics of connecting the diode to the windings. There were plenty of similar SMT products for sale and it seems to me that would be the choice for a new-build product. Perhaps that's where your shortage may be. My eye and hand co-ordination is incompatible with SMT! Incidentally, I could have bought a pack of 2 from a UK vendor for about 4GBP - I like a bargain!


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Maybe I need to refine my question a bit. The discuss was about if a radio is designed today, will it incorporate a receive chip.
 It all started with someone saying Varicap availability is dwindling, (especially large sizes) and it was because of lack of demand in AM radio because of receive chips.

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