Re: AM radio that use a chip for the receive circuitry

Peter Laws

On Sat, Apr 4, 2020 at 7:15 AM lamontcranston17 <nojunk@...> wrote:

I'm following a thread on a group with an argument about whether new AM radios are now mostly designed with a chip
for the radio receive circuitry.
Does anyone have a website with either a list of radios using specific chips for the receive circuitry
or a list of the chips used for receive circuitry?

"Mostly" is pretty vague. The Tecsun line all seem to be built on the
Silicon Labs, maybe better known as SiLabs, chips. Silicon Labs is a
fine American company with operations all over. See the list of
radio-on-chip products at the link.

I assume there are other manufacturers with similar products, but
SiLabs is the only one I know.

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