Re: FSL antenna for SW? #ultralightdx

Gary DeBock

Hello Igvitk,

Litz wire and ferrite optimized for the MW frequencies really isn't recommended for SW performance. Especially in a sharp-tuning FSL antenna, going outside the recommended frequency range can really throw off performance, even causing the gain peak to fizzle out completely. My recommendation would be for you to use an FSL antenna design that has been thoroughly tested and proofed out, even if you need to substitute the 250/46 Litz wire for the (more expensive) 660/46 or 1162/46 type. As long as the coil inductance is the same (i.e. the number of coil turns is similar), the antenna should work fine, although the best sensitivity always is provided by the largest diameter #46 Litz wire you can use.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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