Re: "Shelter at Home" -- A Tinkering Nerd's Dream!

Ron Layton <micron327@...>

Thanks for the info, Gary. I just got a very good deal on a GE Super Radio 1 so I'm hoping to get some good DX with it. I know its not UL, but at this point I can't afford to put a lot of money into ferrite and litz wire. I have a PL-600, again, not UL that works fairly well with my home made milk crate loop. My only UL radios are a PL-380 and a Kaito WRX-911. I built a 7.5" ferrite rod antenna and it really pulls in stations with the WRX-911. I'll read your articles on FSL construction and maybe someday bite the bullet and order Litz and rods. Thanks again.

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