Re: COVID-19 Radio Challenges

Paul Blundell

That sounds like a great spot and good idea, hopefully once the world is back to some sort of normal you can get back to it.


On Sun, 29 Mar 2020, 3:39 p.m. Todd via Groups.Io, <> wrote:
In recent months, every Monday afternoon I have had the opportunity to travel to Narrabeen, Sydney for a 8 km lake walk, and subsequent evening dinner at the host's home. The host home location is only 10 minutes walk from the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean, hence I have considered taking along a 65 cm diameter PK loop + portable radio for monitoring at the beach during Monday evenings. This has to be done with discretion and planning because the social party are not DXers. This is an opportunity to monitor for TP MW DX from North America, Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Fiji.

With the recent Australia government regulations attempting to minimise the exponential growth of COVID-19, car pooling is now restricted to two people. Also, the Narrabeen home gathering is up to 10 people in a relatively small house area. So with these recent group number per area restrictions in mind, I have temporarily delayed a portable radio DX trip to Narrabeen beach.



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