November Hawaii DXpedition Loggings & MP3's (530-783 kHz)

Gary DeBock

For those interested, the first 80 transoceanic loggings (and MP3's) from the November Poipu, Kauai DXpedition are compiled in a preliminary article posted at
With multiple stations from both Asia and the South Pacific showing up every morning (along with sunset loggings of several South Americans, two from the Caribbean and one African station) this trip was really a thrill for all of us. Craig Barnes, Australian Chris Rogers and yours truly hit the beaches each day, frequently at both sunrise and sunset. With so much DX in play at that awesome spot the file review just up to 783 kHz has taken some time, with 80 transoceanic loggings and MP3's compiled so far.

With another Aloha State trip to Maui scheduled for later this month, Craig and I are highly motivated to give it our best shot (and I'm highly motivated to finish up the file review for this November trip before that :-). If any of you are feeling bored by going to the same ocean beach over and over, Hawaii will provide a permanent boost for your hobby enthusiasm! :-)

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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