Re: KKOH NV DX Test Heard in Central Indiana

Les Rayburn


Congratulations on the reception! We provided KKOH with the DX Test material which included the Morse Code ID’s that you heard. These were recorded at 700 Hz and 10 words-per-minute. The test also included various sweep tones, and telephone off-hook sound effects.

A few years ago while serving as CPC Chairman, I enlisted the services of a friend who is a licensed audiologist to test lots of different test material. This included Morse Code, sweep tones, marching band music, etc. 

The tests determined that sweep tones were the most effective at cutting through noise, followed by Morse Code. Morse has the advantage of triggering the “pattern recognition” part of our brains. This is why we can sometimes make out a familiar song on a weak station, but can’t quite copy the identification. 

Still waiting to review my tapes—not heard “live” but did manage to log a nice ID from Radio Coro, which is a new station and country for me. 

Paul is in discussions with two other stations about DX Tests, and if he’s successful, we’ll be providing the DX material for them as well. 


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On Feb 16, 2020, at 10:53 AM, Dave Hascall <dhinfomedia@...> wrote:

At about 0304 ET I heard unmistakable CW ID for KKOH, Reno Nevada.  Thank you to Paul Walker, the station and everyone else involved. 
The code ID was under WBBM.  I never heard anything else and I know that Paul has provided various stations with sound affects and tones designed to cut through the QRM.  I was actually surprised by the CW.  I had started to pay more attention to what they were saying on WBBM's newscast when suddenly I noticed pulsing somewhat messing with Chicago's news story then I heard the definite CW.
First Nevada log.
Logged on my barefoot Tecsun PL-606, making it one of my farthest Domestic logs on a ULR.
KKOH 780 Reno NV 2/16 0304 CW ID WAY under WBBM IL. First Nevada log. Dave Hascall Noblesville I

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