KKOH NV DX Test Heard in Central Indiana

Dave Hascall

At about 0304 ET I heard unmistakable CW ID for KKOH, Reno Nevada.  Thank you to Paul Walker, the station and everyone else involved. 
The code ID was under WBBM.  I never heard anything else and I know that Paul has provided various stations with sound affects and tones designed to cut through the QRM.  I was actually surprised by the CW.  I had started to pay more attention to what they were saying on WBBM's newscast when suddenly I noticed pulsing somewhat messing with Chicago's news story then I heard the definite CW.
First Nevada log.
Logged on my barefoot Tecsun PL-606, making it one of my farthest Domestic logs on a ULR.
KKOH 780 Reno NV 2/16 0304 CW ID WAY under WBBM IL. First Nevada log. Dave Hascall Noblesville I

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