Re: Australian Stations - January 2020


1566 KHz 3NE at 319 miles is my main mid winter noon daytime skywave test signal. When the D layer is temporarily weakened in terms of density, 3NE will be one of the first to show up.

1566 KHz 3NE is also one of the last skywave signals to fade out most mornings. During the breakfast time window up to circa 0900 LT, 3NE is received at fair levels into Sydney. That said, the D layer is absorbing most of the E layer refracted signal, hence a quality loop and sensitive receiver are needed. I use a 26 inch diameter PK loop for casual DX listening. This suffices for residual noon daytime skywave.

Noteworthy is how PK loop signal nulls peak towards the top end of the FM band. This is mostly because of the relatively small loop diameter. 1566 4GM Gympie (500 watts) can be easily received in the 1566 KHz 3NE perpendicular null.

1593 KHz Melbourne is still on air, but not with Rete Italia program.

With the gradual Australian MW to FM transition, new channels have opened up for DX reception from further afield. Some examples are:

558 KHz Fiji, 918 KHz Cambodia, 1359 KHz New Zealand, and 1575 KHz Thailand. All these signals are frequent into Sydney.


Todd Emslie
Sydney, AU

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