Re: FSL+TCF? #ultralightdx


I have used a TCF and a 2 ft air wound box loop (MTM Scientific) together and I had the most fun ever daytime DXing!  I might be one of the people Jay mentioned.  I sent him a recording of me phasing out one station, then another on 570 AM.  Both stations abt. 150 miles from me - one due south, one north east at 30 degrees.  Using the 2 antennas I could fully null one station or 90% null the other.  If not nulling, you can also get amplification. There were plenty of spots on the dial where nothing turned into a copyable something.  A 250 watt daytimer 90 miles away on 840 is an example.  The hitch?  None really although if your AM radio has an AM antenna jack you will get more predictable and repeatable results.  I used a Redsun/Kaito RP2100 which allowed overriding the internal looopstick. Second best (more fiddly) option is to couple the TCF to your radio via the TCF loopstick thingy ma dingy, finding the best possible spot for signal transfer.  "Best possible" is important for best phasing/amplification results with the two antennas down line.  Tape the TCF inductive transducer (technically, that is what it is) to your radio so it doesn't wiggle.  Then negotiate your signal hunting with the TCF and the loop, or whatever your second antenna is and be prepared to be amazed.  


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