FSL+TCF? #ultralightdx

Al Short

Has anyone else had any luck or experience combing an FSL with a C.Crane's Twin Coil Ferrite antenna?
I place the pickup (small bar) nearby the 3.5" FSL and find that I can get some notable results.  While there does seem to be some gain, I am most impressed by the directionality/nulling I am able to achieve by rotating the large bar in conjuction with the FSL. Placement of the  small coil near the FSL appears to be quite touchy and there needs to be considerable separation from the large bar to avoid feedback effects.
My current passion is in the "graveyard" and with this setup and my Xhdata 808 (highly recommended) I have made many new catches.  I would love to hear from anyone else with experience with this setup.

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