Re: Looking for Paul S / Ferrite in SE CT- FARMERIK

Paul S. in CT

Miller made these pretty good in the day. More modern individual components would make it better using ceramic caps and tighter tolerances.

For a start the manual suggests using a 15pF cap on top of both L1 and L2, this is advisable, 18pF looks OK if two are handy. I'm not sure what the Audio Output is intended to be, but I presume 2K headsets of the day (50's). These are coil-wound (inductive type) headphones. Tough to find in new condition and working well.

Modding this with my low power amp requires two crystal earphones in parallel (a great idea no one talked about in the modern day) to be directly driven by the transistor. This would not need any part of the Miller circuit from the diode to the right, substituting the amp. I'll email the small diagram of the whole radio I built, you would not need my "front end". In your case, the 68pF cap that is input cap can to be lowered to 56 or 47pF. Some trade off of final volume for select-ivity, but OK to use 68pF (not any higher though).

Paul S. in CT fn31nl

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