Re: Looking for analog receiver suggestions (not necessarily modern nor ultralight)


DEFINATELY take advantage of Jay Allen reviews and excellent information! And since he posts here, he may answer questions after you read his reviews-

Also read his article about the RCA globetrotter portables for AM DXing which are my favorite classic analog portable for DXing which is not an expensive model because of excellent selectivity.

In his reviews you will see a number of currant Sangean AM FM portables DX very well. I have a PR-D7 modified to add a antenna jack by PK loops AU. When connected to an outside antenna, it beats the other Sangeans coupled with any external coil I have to the same antenna. If you can wind a coil on the ferrite inside one of the other Sangeans Jay recommends, it should be even better if you use external antennas. -FARMERIK

Barefoot just go with Jays recommendations.

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