Re: 2019 Shootout?


Back to ULR's, I did buy one of those MLA-30 amplified untuned loops which ARE very compact and light weight, mainly to use with the PL-360 series of radios.  When you unplug the stock antenna you can plug in modified ones for the chip to tune, but they don't like tuned loops. The MLA-30 is not tuned. It adds a few more stations during an ETM scan. I just checked around 9:30 PM local time and the stock ferrite for one of my PL-360 locks on 47 AM stations while the MLA-30 makes it lock on 55 AM stations. That is not a lot more, however the MLA-30 really boosts WEAK AM stations so it should help ID new stations. Actually my guess is the PL-360 WANTS a coil to tune. It does much better on my few SONY and Sangean models with 1/8th antenna jacks which work on MW.  Probably the correct air core or ferrite coupler and  a plug in antenna in the PL-360 may be better. That of course would work with all the other ULRs.- FARMERIK

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